3 years ago, by Arsalan Faysal

Reputation Measurement: The problem was Single Eye View, the Solution is PRN

Reputation Measurement: The problem was Single Eye View, the Solution is PRN

In this digital world, the most valued currency is not Bitcoin or any other digital coin. It is reputation. Therefore, Reputation measurement is important It is only through the reputation that an individual can show his/her real worth. Similarly, the reputation of a place, thing, the company can have a significant impact on its value. For ease of use let us refer these individuals, places, things, and companies collectively as “entities”. The reputation of an entity could be a prime factor in awarding contracts, determining rates among many other things. The anatomy of reputation reveals that Action refers to the action involving the entity, whereas, the perception refers to the other’s opinions. The perception of others matters! However, there is no platform for measuring the real-time reputation of an entity. Social media? No way! There are a couple of reasons
  • Social media-reputation is misleading. Through Online Reputation Management (ORM) tactics, one can manipulate the follower base on social networks. For instance, through paid endorsements, follower base can easily reach thousands, if not millions.
  • There is an “One-eyed Pattern” across all social patterns. Although we can see the follower base, we are not shown the opposite view (the individuals who perceive differently). Therefore, there is an imbalance in the pattern.

So, how to measure the real and fair reputation of an entity in the digital age?

There is a need to of a 360 Degree reputation measurement platform. Where, entities are observed from all-seeing eye design, rather than single eye design. Here comes, Public Reputation Network (PRN). PRN is an incentivized voting platform that uses simple (+) and (-) votes to measure the real-time reputation of entities through PR Cards. Not only does the voters can vote on the entity itself, voters can also vote on the individual characteristics associated with the entity. For example Figure 1 shows the real-time PR of Elon Musk. According to his PR card, there are 150 (+) votes and 33 (-) votes. Along with this info, there is a section that highlights the individual characteristics of MR. Elon Musk. Figure 1: PR card of Elon Musk These PR cards hold immense benefits for the community, due to many features
  • Real-time Reputation measurement
  • 360 Degree Reputation report
  • Individualized characteristics report
  • Graph of Reputation over a certain period, as shown in figure 2
Figure 2: PR Trend Graph for Elon Musk Impressive, hah! Yes, it is. However, there is a room for more awesomeness. PRN devised a mechanism that can tackle the common problems with internet-based reputations – paid endorsement and hate speech. Though Balanced- Binary voting (BBV) mechanism, PRN can ensure a fair and accurate PR of evaluated entities. BBV requires members to balance their votes. For instance, if they vote a (-) for one entity they will have to balance it with a (+) for another entity and vice-versa. Although still in its early stage, PRN is creating Buzz! Reputation measurement made easy with PRN

We invite you to join our online reputation measurement platform and become a valuable member of our thriving community.