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The world of cards

The world of cards

The World Of Cards

We create the internet of values where every topic is a unique card. Cards are like key words typed into the search engine. The difference is, instead of millions of search results you will find cards that can have unlimited number of 3d party services inside of them.

Cards measure the value and public sentiment for topics they represent. The community is incentivized to create cards and to interact with them.  Everyone who rates a card becomes a stakeholder of it and is eligible to earnings it generates.

Each card is rated and priced considering its public image and popularity. The Value of cards belongs to the community. It can either be stored, traded, or exchanged for profit on the market.

All cards are unique, and their number is finite. The higher rank users achieve the more cards they can create. Duplicates are merged with their originals and users creating them lose the ability to create more cards.