3 years ago, by Arsalan Faysal

Why could PR.network become the biggest wealth creator in history?

Why could PR.network become the biggest wealth creator in history?

Since inception, we are in search of value and wealth creation opportunities. For instance, the Gold Rush of California 

Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River! He was running and yelling in the Downtown, San Francisco The man was Sam Banner, who is known in history for his “one-man parade” announcing the Gold found in the area surrounding Sutter’s Mill. Banner’s one-man parade for announcing the gold discovery, lead to an important event in history known as California’s Gold Rush. Started in May 1848, the miners extracted 750 pounds of Gold that worth over $2 Billion at that point. By 1850, the surface gold nearly disappeared, so the miners either had to work hard or to invest a large amount of mine gold. Early miners really made a fortune, nature rewarded them. History witnessed a new generation of Millionaires who capitalized the opportunity in a timely manner. Let’s call them Gold Rush Millionaires The question is, do early adopters always enjoy the benefit? The answer is a solid YES! Let me consider another example, but this time of a recent historical event.

The rise of Cryptocurrency

In 2010 a man named Laszlo Hanyecz purchased 2 Pizzas in Jacksonville, Florida for 10,000 BTC. This event caused a real stir in the economy. In a short 5-day period, the value of Bitcoin increased from $0.008 to $0.08 Dollars.  The early adopters realized the potential of bitcoin and they acted timely. Today, there is a new generation of millionaires emerging from the masses. Let’s call them Crypto-millionaires The early adopters get hold of their coins, and now they made a fortune. Today, one Bitcoin is worth more than 11,500 Dollars. Just imagine, if an individual got hold of 10 thousand BTC like Laszlo Hanyecz now it would worth around Billion Dollars. Such a big Wealth Creator

What does the Gold Rush Millionaires and Crypto Millionaires have in common?

The simplest answer is that they saw an opportunity and they made a right decision at right time. The point is that smart people do not wait for others. They decide while following their instinct and the future value of their investment. Stock Exchange also runs on the same principle. People who make the right decision at right time get the most reward. Google arranged its IPO in 2004 at an initial share price of $85. Currently, the share price is $1150. The early adopters and bidders get the maximum reward.

Why early adopters get the maximum reward?

They get the reward because they are the first to explore the opportunity. They can claim and collect the majority of easily available resources. By the time they brag about their wealth, they have collected the majority of resources. The others, who follow their method to create wealth, gain little, because there is nothing left in the term of value. Let me explain this! In the Gold Rush Case, the early movers collected all the surface gold by 1850. So, the followers either had to work hard or had to invest a huge amount of resources to “mine” the gold. In the Bitcoin Case, the early miners were able to mine Bitcoins easily just through their personal computers. However, as the time passed, the mining got difficult. Now a day it requires high investments in hardware and electricity charges to produce a bitcoin. So, my advice is whenever there is an opportunity, grab it! Now, the million-dollar question is how to spot the opportunity that is worth a million-dollar? The million-dollar opportunities have some common elements
  • They involve creating valuable commodity (An asset)
  • They sound impossible, at first.
  • They do not need extensive marketing, news about them can spread like a wildfire

Are there any any current Wealth creator projects that can create the next wave of Millionaires?

Without doubt, its Public Reputation Network (PRN). Let’s call them PR Millionaires. These will be the early adopters of PR Network, who will create value for them by creating digital assets. Yes, you heard it correctly, digital assets. A digital asset is an internet-based commodity that attracts the individuals due to their unique characteristics and value-added features. In case of PRN, PR cards act as digital assets. These PR cards represent a unique entity, place, thing, or idea. Members can vote simple (+) and (-) to them. These cards measure the real-time reputation of the represented entity. Upon receiving 100 votes, these PR cards may become Tokenized assets, that can be purchased, sold, or exchanged in the marketplace. Isn’t it a cool idea, to hold the digital cards of your favourite entities, place, things, ideas, while making a living out of it. Now consider this example You own a portfolio of PR Cards. Certainly, news spreads that the PRN is the next massive thing. People will rush to join our network. The real value of your PR cards is set by the market. PR network could become the biggest wealth creator in the history of Universe because it has the same common elements that made Gold Rush and Bitcoin a success. It sounds impossible, right? That is a common element of million-dollar and wealth creator opportunities.

Let us get deep into the PRN space

PRN is a digital community of individuals, who bid to determine the real-time and fair PR Famous entities. Every day, members place bids on PR Cards. If their votes are in accordance with the view of the majority, they win rewards. However, if their vote differs from the majority, they will lose their bid amount. This model prevents the members from making the wrong prediction about the PR trend. Although Real-time Reputation measurement is a splendid feature in its entirety, what’s more, intriguing is the possibility of owning a unique digital asset. The value of these digital assets will not only depend on the baseline price of these assets. Rather, there will be several other factors that will determine the value of these Digital Assets. For instance, the interest in a particular card, demand and supply, number of votes, popularity of card and the ratio of votes/time. Our early adopters know the value of these unique Digital Assets. They are well aware that PR Cards could become more valuable than the Digital currencies. Therefore, they are silently claiming the PR cards of popular entities. Although, we are still in our early stage, however, our community has created more than 2000 Unique PR Cards. We launch Token Presale on the 20th of April at Stellar. We invite you to join the biggest wealth creator in the history of the universe and be a part of our smart community.