2 years ago, by oki_pr

Enter the leaderboard

Enter the leaderboard incentivizes users to stay active using leaderboards. There is a variety of positions the community can get on TOP of to earn VALUE and fame. Leaderboards have weekly, monthly, yearly, and all-time boards.

Securing a position in Weekly or All-time leaderboards provides winners with badges and free VALUE every week from XPR Inflation pool for as long as the winners keep their position on the leaderboard.


There are 6 initial leaderboards:

  1. Top Voters have the biggest number of votes.
  2. Top activists have the longer streak of active voting days
  3. Top inviters have brought the biggest number of active users.
  4. Top publishers have the biggest number of comments
  5. Top editors – have contributed the biggest numbers of add-on on cards
  6. Top trader – have the highest trading volume for VALUE/XLM pair.
More leaderboards are expected in the future to help the keep the community to stay engaged.