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  • About PR.Network

  • Mission

    Our mission is to empower people from all over the world to directly influence the public using research. When it comes to shaping the world, we believe in the importance of every opinion. We founded PR Network to create a reliable and safe way to share those opinions. One that is both fair to the public, and fair to the entities whose reputations are on the line.

  • Value-XPR

    Public Reputation Network is the issuer of: Value, signature: XPR. The value plays a fundamental role in the entire ecosystem. It is a utility token required to validate all transactions at At the very moment XPR has 2 use cases. (1) The Value is used to validate votes the community casts on the network in real-time. All members are required to confirm all votes with a required minimum of Value-XPR as a spam and sybil-attack prevention against bad actors. (2) The Value-XPR is constantly burnt by the community (by sending 100 XPR back to the issuer) each time a new community token is generated. This means Value-XPR gives birth to new community coins, which derive the price baseline from the cost of burning the XPR Value. The only genuine issuing address of XPR is: GAZPKDTEZ5UM3BF4E7FL7EMXRMLH76F2TNVXRLOF6SCVXOFWSPCEWFI5.

  • The Founders was founded by Rafal Wyszomirski in Amsterdam back in 2015 . This the when the general concept of a decentralized reputation and incentive-based rating emerged.

  • The Developers is backed by years of development experience delivered by of one of the most reputable development companies in Poland - The company provides 24/7 support to the entire ecosystem. Okinet has been on the market for over a decade, developing dozens of important projects for corporations and governmental organizations. is responsible for all the design, front-end, back-end & all Blockchain integrations, as well as Restful API Development. See our entire team in the White Paper


  • Reliability

    We limit the number of PR points in the disposal of our users, to ensure that only the most valuable and constructive opinions are expressed. In addition we strongly encourage all our users to verify themselves via one or more social platforms to eliminate the possibility of fake accounts. As an added protection only verified users are able to create PR cards.

  • Harmony

    In order to ensure a fair voting system, all PR points are valued the same. This way each user’s vote counts just as much as the other ones. Even the PR cards of individuals and organisations are created by the users of PR Network. This ensures that only entities that matter to the public, end up on the portal.

  • Balance

    Each positive (+) and negative (-) vote must be balanced with an opposite vote to another entity. Only then will it be verified and taken into account. The equal amount of positive and negative PR points gives PR Network a unique position to fight against common web portal threats, such as hate speeches and paid endorsements.


  • Unregistered

    You do not have to register to have access to PR.Network’s most basic functions. As an unregistered user you are able to:

      browse, search and compare PR cards of your interest.

  • Registered

    By completing our simple registering process, you can start affecting public reputations. As a registered user, you are able to:

      browse, search, compare and follow PR cards of your interest.
          vote! You will receive one (+) and one (-) point each week to allocate to any PR cards of your choice.
              track the activity of users you follow.

  • Verified

    To ensure the transparency of PR Network, we encourage all users to verify their online identity. This is the best way to protect our community from false and duplicate profiles. To reward you, as a verified user, you are able to:

      do everything a registered user is able to do, AND to:
          create PR cards yourself of entities not yet on PR Network.
              vote even more! You will receive double the amount of PR points to allocate as you wish.
                  choose to cast votes ANONYMOUSLY, so neither the admin, nor other users will know it was you.
                      rise to higher ‘user levels’ by voting on public entities.
                          assign specific features to PR cards.
                              earn additional PR points through spreading the word and helping us improve by giving feedback.

  • Premium

    If you wish to be even more involved and to have an even deeper impact on public reputations, we invite you to join one of our PREMIUM user plans. Our PREMIUM users play a key role in the success of PR.Network, as all proceeds from the plans are directed to the maintenance and development of this free portal. As a premium user you will gain:

      access to everything a verified member can AND,
          access to PREMIUM platform.
              access to advanced statistics on PR cards
                  six to 12 PR points per week, depending on your plan.
                      a higher number of blank PR cards and anonymous votes you can assign to entities of your choice.


  • PR Points

    The number of PR points in your disposal depend on your user status and activity. PR points always come in pairs, one (+) and one (-). Giving a (+) point to an entity means you support their positive image and reputation. Allocating a (-) point tells of distrust towards that entity and a desire to not support their positive reputation. PR points must always be given in pairs, one positive and one negative vote. Only then will both votes be validated and saved in the PR.Network. If you give an unequal amount of votes, your latest unmatched vote will be cancelled, to maintain harmony. Make sure your votes are balanced by the end of each voting cycle to avoid having your unpaired votes cancelled.

  • Changing PR Votes

    It is possible, that at some point you will change your mind about a vote you have given and wish to have a different impact to that particular reputation. If you wish to “undo” your (+) or (-) vote and instead have no impact on the reputation in question, you can use one of your opposite votes to balance your impact back to neutral. If you wish to change your vote from ‘+’ to ‘-’ or vice versa, you must use in total of two opposite votes. One will neutralize your previous vote, and the other will swing your influence to the opposite direction. Changing your votes can be done in your profile, under Your Votes.


  • Creating PR Cards

    PR Cards are created by the verified users of PR.Network. Blank PR Cards are allocated to users based on their activity. Additional cards can also be acquired by joining one of PR.Network’s PREMIUM user plans or by inviting friends to PR.Network. Keep in mind though, that you can only create PR Cards representing public or well-known entities.

  • Publishing PR.Cards

    The creator of a PR Card must give the card its first vote and cast an opposite vote to any other card to make the new card publicly accepted. After that it will become a part of public debate, where other users can express their opinions by allocating further (+) and (-) points.

  • Deleting Cards

    Removing an active Card is possible, but bear in mind that deleting a card will also delete all votes given to it. For this reason, removing a PR Card will always have to be approved by an admin and the majority of Card voters. Exception: cards duplicated or offensive those will be first deleted by the administration based on the requests from the PR Community.